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Nerd Mafia in the News - June 2011

Articles about the Nerd Mafia in June 2011

June 2 - Sequential - Bryan Munn

Item! They’re like bedbugs, these TCAF reports. Everytime you think you’ve got them all, another couple show up in your laundry hamper. Here’s one from Comic Book Daily that talks about the Toronto Nerd Mafia. And here’s another from Ssh, I’m Reading.



June 8 - TdotComics - Alice Quinn

On June 5 2011 the people of Nerd Mafia Toronto congregated in Andrew Uys’s backyard for friendly and reciprocal promotion … also beer and food! With the help of my wonderful video and code guru Josh I present to you the Nerd Mafia Promo Party!!

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June 8 - Uysfaber Comics - Ryan Tuzik

I got to Andrew’s place at around one. I was supposed to be there at one-thirty, but mistimed it because his place is a ways away from where I live. This was a grave mistake... as it meant I had to begin working earlier. But I made myself useful; I’m proud to say I picked up the incredibly huge recycling bin that ended up housing the keg.



June 9 - Uysfaber Comics - John "DK" Kartigan

Last Sunday I barely survived a Toronto Nerd Mafia Party, which Andrew Uys generously hosted. Firstly, much love and thanks to Uys’ wife Theresa, for keeping the party together, and slaving away in the kitchen for food and snacks. So once again, thank you Theresa for putting up with us.



June 11 - Uysfaber Comics - Mike Ablett

I can think of no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than schmoozing with friends old and new around food and drink. Since food has always been central at such events, being the chef and bartender was the best place for the UysFaber’s Head of Social Networking to be. Cooking the food gave me a chance to get to know a little bit about everyone’s food tastes. And considering how much food everyone ate, I take it you all enjoyed it! Moreover, while people waited for their burgers I was able to crack the odd joke and see everyone smile as they filled their bellies.



June 15 - Lazyreviewzzz - L.E. Green

Consider this the officially official introduction of The Nerd Mafia on our site because, as I write this, I realize that we have never officially introduced the group. Sure, we’ve had members, like Gavin Stephens, Jeff Brown and Nerds With Guitars, appear on the video show, who even mentioned The Nerd Mafia when we spoke to them. However, we never really said gave it a proper introduction ourselves. So here we go!

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June 17 - Tom Boy Tara - Emily Ragozzino

I know I've been neglecting my duties as a blogger recently, sorry it's been busy as of late, what with working and trying to put out a comic a week as well as going to promo parties. What's a promo party, you ask? Well, only the greatest thing a starving artist/writer like me could ever attend!



June 17 - Nerd Girl Pinups - Sally Christensen

The Nerd Mafia -- I mentioned this group last week, but this week I'm going to share all of the interviews I did (with some help) at the Nerd Mafia promo party. The Nerd Mafia's primary objective is cross-promotion and collaboration, and the Nerd Mafia promo party was an ideal opportunity to interview a lot of people in one go.



June 27 - Torontoist - John Semper

The group has assembled, Avengers-style, as Nerd Mafia, a name we can’t imagine the real mafia is too keen on them co-opting. “It was one of those jokes on Twitter that went further than anyone expected,” Christensen says of the name. Star Trek Day Toronto will be the first major event hosted by this cadre of Toronto’s dork elite.



June 27 - The Star - Michael Woods

The day’s organizers are a group of people calling themselves the “nerd mafia.” The itinerary includes trivia, a costume contest and movie screenings — Christensen said they will likely be Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan and one other. The evening portion of the event will be 19+ and include comedy, music and even a Star Trek-themed burlesque show.




Toronto’s Trekkies won’t have to travel far for their next fix. The city is hosting its first-ever Star Trek Day, slated for Oct. 2 at the Toronto Underground Cinema on Spadina Avenue.



June 28 - Lazyreviewzzz - L.E. Green

Like we needed another reason to hope to see a preview of the upcoming Star Trek video game at Star Trek Day TO! By some miraculous happenstance, Star Trek Day TO, the first official public Nerd Mafia event, coming October 2nd to the Toronto Underground Cinema, received its first bit of mainstream press recognition...



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