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Nerd Mafia Coverage of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival

DORKSHELF.COM - Toronto After Dark 2011 Top Picks - Will Perkins

The sixth annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival kicked off last night at the Toronto Underground Cinema with not one, but two screenings of the horror-wrestling (yes, that’s a genre) film Monster Brawl. Toronto After Dark showcases some of the best and most off-beat genre cinema from around the world – from horror and sci-fi, to action, cult and everything in between.



GEEK HARD - After Dark 2011 Opening Night - My Review of Monster Brawl - Andrew Young

Last night marked the grand opening of the 6th Annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival and Geek Hard Was There!……for the second screening.

That’s right. For the first time in After Dark History, the opening night film sold out so fast that they decided to show back to back screenings of it to get as many people in as they can for the Canadian Horror Comedy, Monster Brawl.


GEEK HARD - After Dark 2011 - My Review of The Divide  - Andrew Young

Last night, Geek Hard was once again in attendance at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival…..And this time with Mr. Green in tow.



TDOTCOMICS.CA - Toronto After Dark Film Festival - Most Anticipated Films - Alice Quinn

New York Comic Con wrapped up on Sunday and it is increasingly cold outside, convention season is over. However, there are tons of events going on in the city which aren’t that comic-y but are super awesome anyway. This winter we will be able to share what we love about nerd culture–not just comics but film, video games and music. We’ll explore the mediums to find sci-fi, horror, romance and all the things we love. This week we have a great opportunity to dive into something new and amazing together in Toronto: the Toronto After Dark Film Festival.


TDOTCOMICS.CA - TADFF 2011 – Monster Brawl and The Legend of Beaver Dam - Josh Schonblum

Last night was the opening Gala of the 5th annual Toronto After Dark Festival, which I’m glad to see continue its yearly week of horror, cult and gore at the Toronto Underground Cinema while the Bloor Cinema is under construction. This years festival was opened (for the first time) by a Canadian feature by Jesse T. Cook entitled Monster Brawl. The film is set up like a typical televised wrestling special, with commercial breaks, commentary, and all the fixing to pit 8 legendary monsters against each other.


TDOTCOMICS.CA - TADFF 2011 – Exit Humanity, Father’s Day, Prick and My Main Squeeze - Josh Schonblum

Ramping up the action and excitement, last night’s showings were a double bill with Exit Humanity and Father’s Day, two excellent Canadian features each filling a different category of awesome.


TDOTCOMICS.CA - TADFF 2011 – Shorts After Dark - Josh Schonblum & Alice Quinn

So far this year the shorts that have played prior to the features have been universally awesome, so needless to say I was super hyped for this years iteration of the Shorts After Dark program. Every year Peter Kuplowsky brings us an amazing eclectic mix of international shorts, covering the gamut of genre films from fantasy and horror to sci-fi and exploitation. And this year was better than ever. Below you can see a quick roundup of the various films by both Alice and I.


TDOTCOMICS.CA - TADFF 2011 – Redline, Dead Heads, Paso Doble, Lost for Words and Play Dead - Josh Schonblum & Alice Quinn

We caught two of the features on the third night of Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2011. Below are some reviews by both Alice and I.




The Nerd Mafia co-presented REDLINE on October 22, 2011 at the Toronto Underground Cinema as part of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

First, some preamble. REDLINE is an anime that took 7 years to complete, and once you watch the movie, you’ll understand why. Also, I haven’t watched much anime (I’ve watched a couple of seasons of Naruto and that’s about it), so I am by no means an expert on the genre.


NERDGIRLPINUPS.COM - REDLINE: Transforming Cars, Magic, Secret Weapons & Love - Fannish Sunny

Redline chronicles a galactic car race circuit, but not just any car race; one that focuses on (sometimes) wheeled cars with several elimination rounds building towards the Redline. It opens with the last qualifying round (the YellowLine) that introduces "Sweet" JP and Sonoshee McLaren.



A true project of love, the production's writer, director, cinematographer, set designer, set builder, casting & craft services all are credited as William Eubank. His brothers helped him build mineshafts for Civil War re-enactments (re-enacted by some of Eubank's grade school teachers) and he hunted Home Depots for parts and tiles to form a repliciant International Space Station in his parents' back yard. The hurdles generated in this four year project, with sometimes months between shooting schedules, are leaped seamlessly by the lead actor Gunner Wright, who carries the vast majority of the film, and production values remain high. Eubank mentioned in post screening Q&A that one of the people who'd interviewed them had been on the ISS and was astounded by the set's fidelity.


NERDGIRLPINUPS.COM - Midnight Son: Everyone has a thing they don't want people to know about - Fannish Sunny

Working the night shift in a big city can be lonely. Especially if the city is LA and you're an early 20-something with a sun allergy. Jacob (Zak Kilberg) has blacked out the windows to his basement apartment and the only guy he interacts at work with is an older janitor who's a bit wacky. Plus he's having a problem with his diet.


October 24, 2011 1:56:13pm
Member: Alice Quinn

AWESOME! Thanks for getting all of our coverage in one place Nerd Mafia, stay tuned to for more Toronto After Dark Film Festival coverage!

October 27, 2011 9:36:35am
Member: Geek Hard

Enjoyable articles.


For those that would like to hear Andrew and Mr. Green's final thoughts on the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, listen to this Friday's show - October 28th @ 7pm on We'll be giving reviews of the films we saw and we'll also be talkin' with Bill Turnbull from Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. Don't miss it!

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